Ruminant Frommage

My husband and I have so many inside jokes between us, but my favorite one would surely make people do a double take if they heard me say it in public — if Bill asks me if I’m ok with something that has far less impact on me than him, I respond with “it’s your ass, goat cheese!” I can imagine anyone who has heard me say it would wonder what I was smoking, but Bill and I laugh every time. So where did this come from? Years, ago, we were watching the second Lethal Weapon movie with the captions on; between my sinus problems, Eustachian tube dysfunction in one ear and a ruptured eardrum from 38 years ago that never fully healed in the other,  I have a hard time hearing things and sometimes have to use the captions.  We had just gotten to the scene where a panicked Murtaugh is trying to escape a bomb in his bathroom while he is sitting on the toilet. Riggs is trying to get him to jump into the tub and Murtaugh asks, “do we go on three or count to three and then go?” To which Riggs replies,” it’s your ass, Cochise”.  Well I guess the person who typed the captions either had no idea who Cochise was or didn’t know how to spell his name because the caption said “it’s your ass goat cheese.” I had to rewind it to make sure I saw it right, and we both just died laughing. So now whenever we’re discussing something that will affect one of us more than the other, we say this and laugh as if it’s the first time we’ve heard it. 

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