52 Weeks of Gratitude – Something You Look Forward To

originally written 11/8/18 but somehow even more relevant in light of recent events

I’m thankful for the end of football season every year, not because I hate the sport but because I worry so much about the toll it takes on my husband. As the team videographer, he’s always the first one in the office to prepare for staff meetings and is always the last to leave; even on game night when everyone else is leaving or celebrating at the Hanger, he’s working so that the team can watch video first thing the next morning. When the team returns home from an away game at 3 a.m., he still has to prepare for the next day, and sometimes he doesn’t get more than a couple of hours rest. The lack of sleep and crazy schedule wears him down to the point that I can almost pinpoint the date that he will get a nasty cold after the season. Though I wish the team had done better this year, I am ready to move on and have some quiet time with Bill. I am thankful for the time that gives us a chance to reconnect after a long season and look forward to it more each year.

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