52 Weeks of Gratitude – Your Neighborhood

originally written 11/15/18

I don’t have  a neigborhood per se because I live in an apartment, but I’m grateful for the quiet beauty of Sunderland. I was born in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia and lived  in Memphis, Tennessee for a year before we moved north, so it was an eye-opener to move to such a rural area. At first, I wasn’t sure I could fit in to such a drastically different lifestyle given what I had experienced my whole life to that point, but rural living grew on me and I quickly fell in love with the town. We have an abundance of farm stands that have spoiled me for anything I can buy at the store. We have brilliantly colored autumns and are never too far from hiking trails, lakes and historic landmarks. Sunderland is where my husband and I have chosen to build our lives and I’m grateful for the evidence its beauty gives me of God’s existence. 

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