Good luck my dearest love!


Tonight you embark on your twentieth season at UMass and I couldn’t be any more proud of you — you’ve been through so much professional and personal evolution since you started on this career path at JMU and with each passing year, your passion for and loyalty to the sport and our team has grown exponentially. When I cheer for UMass, I’m cheering for you and your dedication to the game which you love so dearly. When I cheer for UMass, I’m cheering for us and the grand adventure college football has taken us on in our marriage. I never thought a game I once knew next to nothing about could define so much of my life, but as I’ve always said, college football is more than just points on a scoreboard. For me, it’s our life together, our love and commitment to each other and to something greater than either of us or the players and coaches on the field. It’s about honor, love, respect and family. Thank you for continuing this amazing journey with me — the best is yet to come for both of us and I know without a doubt, you’ve made UMass Football a better program by virtue of your faithful service to the team for nineteen years. I love you! Go UMass! Fire The Musket!


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