Hysterical Quotes — Life in the Time of The CoVid19 Panic

By hysterical, I don’t mean fall down funny, I mean mass panic and fear. It seems as though the world has gone stark raving mad over the outbreak of Covid-19, to the point where people are brawling over toilet paper in stores in Sydney, Australia and people are stealing surgical masks from hospitals by the hundreds all over the world. I wanted to write something about how we all need to calm down and trust that our medical professionals and governments to protect us, but I realized I am not eloquent enough to do so (though I’m certainly passionate enough about the hype and fear mongering I’ve seen these past few days); I’ll let these quotes speak for me:

The undeserving maintain power by promoting hysteria. – Frank Herbert

Whatever hysteria exists is inflamed by mystery, suspicion and secrecy. Hard and exact facts will cool it. – Elia Kazan

Hysteria is impossible without an audience. Panicking by yourself is the same as laughing along in an empty room. You feel really silly. – Chuck Palahniuk

Keep the people ignorant and afraid and control and power become a detail – a self generating byproduct of the people’s hysteria. – Derek R. Audette

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…yours is the Earth and everything in it and – which is more- you’ll be a Man, my son! – Rudyard Kipling: If- A Father’s Advice to His Son

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