The Tooth and Nothing But The Tooth

Author’s Note – This is from my 2016 Hobonichi and was inspired by Bonnie Neubauer’s Write Brain Workbook exercise called “Tooth Fairy” – you are a disgruntled tooth fairy. You can’t understand why Santa and even the Easter Bunny get more attention than you do. You just visited twins who expected $20 a tooth. Start with “I can’t believe”

I can’t believe it! How can Santa and the Easter Bunny be more popular than me? Isn’t money better than jinky toys and health destroying sweets? Not only that but now kids want  $20 a tooth. A tooth!!! Where am I supposed to find that kind of money? I’m not a leprechaun for crying out loud, I don’t have a bottomless pot of gold at my disposal! I wouldn’t complain if I got something out of it, but what can you do with a six year old’s bloody tooth stump? If you keep it yourself, you look psychotic but who can you give thousands of slivers of calcium to except the parents? Nobody, that’s who, and the parents aren’t giving anything back to me in exchange. So it’s $20 a tooth, millions of times a month, all year, with no return on my investment. I should go on strike and work for Jack Frost. At least he doesn’t have to deal with bratty kids, gross teeth and unappreciating parents!