Fourth And Goal Part I: Pressure

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This is part of Voice Week at BeKindRewrite.  The goal (at least as I interpret it) is to describe a scenario from five different voices or points of view, so naturally I chose a football game that comes down to a last second touchdown attempt (ok, so it’s hardly the most original idea I’ve ever had- kind of like being a football player for Halloween a few years back- but it works). I’ll be going from the point of view of the quarterback, the head coach, the coach’s wife, the fans and the alumni so hopefully I can convey all the emotions that are involved in college football and create five completely different stories from the same idea…..oh yeah, and I have to try to keep each piece to a little over 100 words….here goes nothing. And I just realized, this is my 200th blog post. Not bad for three years of sporadic writing and posting!

Jack Chandler had been training for this moment since he was six years old; his father had enrolled him in peewee league football to toughen him up, and at first he had hated the very idea of being a quarterback. Over time, though, as he became a better player and had more confidence in himself, Jack grew to love the game, though over the years he wondered if he played solely for his father’s acceptance. He couldn’t dwell on the past, though, as he called the team’s last time out.  The score was 28-34 with only 9 seconds left on the clock and the ball was on the six yard line –the other team had missed a field goal earlier, and his team could advance to the semifinals by one point if they got a touchdown. It was all up to him. He could either carry the team with him to victory or the grief of a season-ending loss with him into the locker room.

“No pressure, huh?” Michael Collier, his roommate and go-to wide receiver joked as they broke the huddle  and took the field.

Jack could only shake his head no as he looked to the sideline for the play, wishing that he saw anyone but his father giving the signal.

(word count 213- ok so I can’t usually write something in under 100 words! This isn’t a galloping shock to my regular readers)