Interesting dichotomy

Read the Printed Word!

As I add this pledge to my blog, furthering my declaration that I would never use a digital e-book reader, I am seriously considering getting my husband one for Christmas.

We’ve had this discussion, and while I refuse to use a Nook or Kindle because a book is much more to me than words, he can see the benefits. You can have a vast library without having stacks of books taking up space like I do now (17 at last count in the corner of the bedroom because the bookshelf is full) and it’s much easier to carry on trips.

Still, I heard a report on NPR about how Barns & Noble’s revenue has taken a nosedive due to electronic books. It’s not the writers who suffer due to new technology because they can sell electronic rights to their books. It’s the bookstores that suffer, and I can’t really imagine a world where bookstores are things of the past. When I was a kid, my mother would take me to the mall and literally had to force me to buy shoes and clothes because I wanted to spend time in the bookstore at the expense of other shopping. I can still spend hours in a book store, large or small, and I don’t want to think of a future where that won’t be possible.

Then again, even though I have an mp3 player, I still buy cd’s for my car….

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