Random Musings III

Circles are my least favorite shape because I seem to always be going around in them.

How can coffee be a crutch if all I drink is decaf?

In a resounding strike against sexism everywhere, my niece is going to join Little League and play baseball for the Cincinnati Reds this year. And she’s not the only girl on the team! Girl power rules!

It is really a brain fart if nobody smells it?

Speaking of baseball, my nephew’s sophmore season in Little League will be as a member of the Red Sox. Guess I’d better teach my family the lyrics to Sweet Caroline.

I put ten notes in the mail to friends and family this week. Did I mention I’m trying to keep the postal service in business by myself?

My kingdom for a cup of peppermint tea.

Wait a sec, I have a kingdom?

What was it about hearing Ivanka Trump describe her clothing line demographic as 25-34 that set me off? Guess what, hon, you won’t be in that age group forever, either. You’ll start saggin’ and baggin’ with the rest of us so enjoy your 25-34 demographic while you can.

Somehow I think that as much as an Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen costs, it shouldn’t have cracked right down the barrel when it fell off my desk at class on Tuesday.  Hopefully http://www.pentiques.com can fix it or I’ll seriously be in mourning.

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