The Lonely Galaxy

Inspired by a flash fiction prompt on Facebook which was, in turn, inspired by the photo at the link below:

 On the edge of time, it waits, its vacuum-stilled voice aching to be heard.

 Though young, it knows something else is out there. It can see the potential in grains of space-dust, in melted motes of gas. Heat radiates forward, reaching out…

 Who will answer? What will the answer be?

 It is frightened, suddenly retracting through space-time, afraid of the black unknown. What if there is no answer?

 Called forth again, it radiates waves of stars, cascading through the emptiness. Faster, urgently, its motion a silent symphony of life-rhythms.

 Sparks of hope cautiously move outward…how large must it get before it is noticed?

 Color dramatically unfolds, embracing the darkness, a splash of life amidst the void, but the loneliness continues….for is there beauty if it is not shared?

 There is life here! it wants to scream, shelter from infinity within the red cloud, within creation’s fog. It throws out stars, spinning them into the void while still tethering them to its core. It will not let its children go so easily. A parent never can.

 It calls….calls….static echoes are its voice, whirlpools of time its only companions.

 Still nothing answers.

 No validation. No existence.

 Nothing but mournful loneliness,

 Loneliness meant for all creation to consume.

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