More Symbolism – F.riday5 for June 8, 2012

1.       Which circus act describes you this past week?

 Probably the animal trainer because I had to climb into the lion’s cage this week and had to stick my head in its mouth but came away unscathed.

 2.       Which summer Olympic event best illustrates what your professional life has been like lately?

 Any long distance track event – somehow I’m always running in circles only to end up where I started.

 3.       What household chore is most symbolic of your romantic life lately?

 This question seems so negative! I’d say the sparkle after you finish the chores is what my romantic life is like.

 4.       What item on your current grocery shopping list pretty much sums up your relationship with your friends lately?

 Band-Aids or Windex because they’ve been helping me clean up a lot of messes lately and have helped cover my wounds.

 5.       Which of Crayola’s standard colors has a name that would be a good title for the coming weekend?

I’d love to have an Atomic Tangerine weekend. That just sounds awesome…..



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