Random Musings V

R.I.P Ray Bradbury – Farenheit 451 is my worst nightmare, but it was your best novel. Thank you for changing the face of science fiction and for leaving us a legacy of creative wonder.

A local police officer was killed last week responding to a domestic violence situation. The suspect critically wounded his girlfriend, killed the officer and then himself. Today on the news, the suspect’s mom said she’s going to hire a lawyer and start an investigation. Seriously?!?!?! Someone needs to explain to me why we can’t put the world’s asshats in jail….oh, there aren’t enough jails for them all? Damn…

I decided to try my hand at a tomato plant this year instead of struggling through planting flowers in our garden’s weed…ahem, garden plot this year. So far there are seven blossom but no tomatoes. I purposely bought the only plant at Home Depot with no fruit (yes tomoatoes are fruits, not vegetables) because I felt that it would be cheating if I bought one that already had tomatoes on it. We’ll see how it goes.

I should be doing housework instead of writing this post….whatever…..

For the longest time I have been creeped out by those color changing solar lights. Don’t ask me why, I can’t really explain it. However, I made the mistake of accidentally buying two of them when I got my tomato plant ( I thought they were just clear lights). They still bug me to a certain extent but now I realize that they’re kind of pretty. They look nice from the street and it’s kind of relaxing to watch them cycle through red, green and blue. Maybe they only creep me out when someone uses enough of them to land the mothership on their front lawn.

Jennie Sisler swears! Jennie Sisler threatens murder! JENNIE SISLER SAYS SHIT!!!! (Bonus points if you know what movie quote I just bastardized- hint it’s a Blake Edwards movie).

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