Love Letter

Dearest Bill:

     For thirteen years:

     You have loved me when I wasn’t loveable. You have been my sanity when I lacked it. You’ve made me laugh when I needed to and when I’ve cried you dried my tears. You’ve fallen asleep and woken up with your arms around me. You’ve supported my opinions and beliefs while cultivating your own. You’ve encouraged me to try new things and always given me a thumbs up, even when my ventures failed. You’ve shared your creativity with me and helped me find my creative path, which isn’t always easy.

     You have made me a better person because you are such a good person. You have given me yourself and your love, which is the most amazing gift I could ever have. For this, and all the other ways you have made my life such a beautiful adventure, on our anniversary, and always, I love you more than words can say.

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