Random Musings V

RIP Andy Williams – you taught me to embrace the magic of the holidays and forever screwed up my ability to sing the real lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas – for that I will always be grateful.

Last month, my nephew joined Cub Scouts and my niece started ballet and jazz lessons – weren’t they babies just yesterday?

If I were a football coach, I would never run pass plays in the red zone. Ever.

Recently work has brought me to the conclusion that two bites of a cupcake before 10:00 a.m. won’t kill you.

Just when I think I’ve got my life figured out, something happens that convinces me that half the world’s population wears their asses for hats.

After I saw a solar panel array being constructed on I-91 and read in the newspaper about a wind farm being built in the Berkshires, I  was feeling hopeful about the state of the environment….untill I heard an interview on NPR with an anti-wind energy activist who claims that wind turbines produce low frequency vibrations that disrupt the metabolic system and cause ADD symptoms in children. Can one’s ass-hat be made of tinfoil?




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