Octpowrimo Poem #1– Love Letters

 I found a site that threw down another gauntlet at me: OctPoWriMo. That is right, a challenge to create one poem a day for the entire month. Who knows how successful I’ll be, but I’m a glutton for punishment, so we’ll see how it goes.  At  Without further ado, here is my first contribution. As I just found out about the challenge, I’ll end up only one poem short, if I’m lucky…..

words careen across

bare ivory landscapes, their hearts open and


staining yesterday’s path with



5 thoughts on “Octpowrimo Poem #1– Love Letters

  1. I love the way the sparseness of the scene is matched by the space of your words and the overall feel of this piece. I don’t know it I’ll get to all 31 either, but I’m really glad we’re trying. 🙂

  2. Ohmigawsh! I love these lines especially:

    >> staining yesterday’s path with

    >> ink-hued

    >> remembrance.

    I am so glad you are participating in #OctPoWriMo… and while the aim is 31, any amount is a positive increase so…. fine by me! Is it selfish to say I want to see more!?

  3. Ink-hued remembrance…I like that a lot. I’m not always a fan of short poems but this one says everything it needs to…I really enjoyed the imagery. 🙂

  4. Jen, I absolutely love this one. I’ve actually been writing with a deep red ink of late, and so the image of words “open and/bleeding” is incredibly apt.

    So glad you’re joining in on all the fun!

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