Octpowrimo #3 – By-Product

I may have reached an all time low with this poem (seriously, comparing bees to Jackson Pollack??) But I was intrigue by this article Bees Feed on M&M Waste and Produce Colored Honey and then I got a bit gross with it. I apologize if I’ve put anyone off honey, but Alton Brown taught me the sad truth about it years ago;)

drunk on wasted

sugar, Pollack

bees dart sixty-two miles

before collapsing in a neon

puddle of consumable


4 thoughts on “Octpowrimo #3 – By-Product

  1. LOL I”m sorry ladies, but it is the sad truth of how honey is produced. So guess what I had on my toast this morning? LOL Twisted I know, but as I said to someone else on Facebook, life is gross sometimes. Besides can’t you just see these bees reacting to the M&M waste sugar like drunken frat boys? Thanks for the comments. I appreciate them.

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