Specific Favorites – Friday 5 for October 5, 2012

1.     Where is your favorite tree?

         The first picture is a sycamore tree that is north of my apartment about a half mile down the street. Nobody really knows how old it is, but I’d say it’s at least 300 years old. It’s 113 feet tall, almost 25 feet wide and the spread of the branches is 140 feet. I dont’ think you can really get a sense of how massive it is from a photo, but it’s a majestic sight. The second photo is a bizarre tree I found on a hiking trail on Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield, MA. At first I thought it was hit by lightning, but upon further inspection, it looked like it completely rotted into sawdust. Very strange, but inspiring.

2.     Where is your favorite chair?

          This is a chair at my local Barnes & Noble, in Hadley, MA. If I’m there by myself working on my writing, I’d rather sit here than buy an overpriced and oversugared Starbucks latte just for the privilege of sitting at a table in the cafe.

3.     Who has your favorite hair?

          My niece, Eliza, has soft straight red hair that I wish I had — somehow my highlights of a similar color don’t ever look that good.

4.     What’s your favorite mug (or drinking vessel) like?

        My mother-in-law gave me this mug years ago from the online “Bill Store” which doesnt’ exist anymore. For some reason I find it funny but when Bill drinks out of it I’m afraid he’s going to rip a hole in the space-time continuum.

5.     Where’s your favorite parking space?

         Any space near the Ebay water tower at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. UMass is playing all their home games there and using that landmark is the only way I can find my car after a game.

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