Octpowrimo #5 – Fundamental Differences

Inspired by an interview I heard on BBC Newshour – a reporter asked a Kenyan girl what she wants men to know about girls and she replied “A girl is not a dog.”

A girl is not a dog


A dog earns respect when it

Bears its teeth –

All a girl earns through submission is the right to live.

Nobody passes a stray dog without

Trying to help it find its way home –

Nobody cares where the girl belongs.

A wounded dog’s cries for help

Will be heeded –

Nobody hears the anguish of a girl who doesn’t exist.

One thought on “Octpowrimo #5 – Fundamental Differences

  1. A powerful poem that builds on nightmarish experience, especially given the Kenyan context. I hope you keep writing poems — even if it’s not every day.

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