Octpowrimo #6 – Voyeurism

Author’s Note: This was inspired by a visit to an antique book fair (which turned out to be rather disappointing, but that’s for another post) where I came across a few journals and old ledgers. This set was from the 1950’s and it made me think about how I’d feel if my life was reduced to being sold to a random book collector who had no connection to me or my past.


she committed her

life to

ink-pained pages;

did the transformation of the


into the


change her? what happened

after the last

hardcover gate closed

on the world


would she have written had she known

that being fondled by


who were looking for the

truth in a sordid

seller’s note

was the price her fate would pay

for committing grief to


set of ten

 journals – good condition – $225

she seemed miserable

much of the time – I think she was

an alcoholic

3 thoughts on “Octpowrimo #6 – Voyeurism

  1. I loved this, not the idea of the strangers reading the diary, but the way you so beautifully expressed the story. “being fondled by strangers” oh very nice.

    • Thanks. It made me think of what I want to have happen to my journals when I pass on….how sad to have your life, warts and all put on display to a bunch of strangers at a book fair…

  2. This is very thought-provoking (especially because I do a lot of archival research in my day job, and read lots of old letters, journals, etc.). Some beautiful language here, too–“looking for the/truth in a sordid/seller’s note” is one of my favorites.

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