Weekly writing Challenge – A Splash of Color: Red Lust

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite color has always been purple – I tell people that I must have been royalty in a past life because I’m at a loss to explain why purple is the color I love above all others. However, I am a fickle mistress, and while I will always be purple’s soulmate, I have recently strayed. The color which currently inflames me is:

the crystal red tintcoat of the 2013 Corvette ZR-1 (which adds $850 to an already exorbitant pricetag). Ok, so the color is only part of the overall hormone-stimulating allure, but can you imagine this fine piece of vehicular art in any other color? I mean, really, how could you ruin the sanctity of this shrine to American badass-ness by painting it Velocity Yellow or Inferno Orange? Granted, my love affair with this car wasn’t always so colorful. In 1983, the t.v. show Scarecrow and Mrs. King premiered and I started watching the following year. That, coincidentally, was the year that Bruce Boxleitner’s character, Lee, started driving a silver Corvette. I spent the rest of my formative years fantasizing about Lee and his car. That was 28 year ago and my tastes have changed. I still daydream about Bruce Boxleitner – he was pretty much the sole reason I became a Babylon 5 addict and he was easy on the eyes in the two minutes he was in Tron:Legacy (although I have to admit I preferred him in the original movie’s day-glo spandex). However, my love for the silver Corvette changed once I got my own car and realized silver is just the color of the sky when it rains. It’s not nearly hot enough for a car this perfect. Back in 1984, the Corvette was a high end sports car, but you didn’t have to have the means of Donald Trump to own one. Nowadays, it’s much harder to fuel your Corvette fantasies. The base price is $112,600 and the one pictured is actually $114,450. If you can afford that, you probably won’t care that it gets a measly 21 miles per gallon highway; needless to say the only one I’ll ever own is the one on the cover of a notebook I got at Walmart (seriously, am I a ten year old boy?) On the other hand, I could own two for the price of my husband’s lust-inducer, the

2012 Lamborghini Gallardo (which I would lovingly – and lustfully- call the Silver Bullet).  I’m beginning to rething my dislike of silver cars. Anybody want to go for a ride?



2 thoughts on “Weekly writing Challenge – A Splash of Color: Red Lust

  1. Jennie, thanks for the link during the AP.net podcast. Excellent article to read. Yes, the crystal red metallic (a.k.a. “candy apple red”) is amazing. It literally glows in the sun and in the shade. My 40-year dream came true in 2010 with our Grand Sport, and we’re loving every minute in it.


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