Themeless – F.riday5 for December 7, 2012

1.     You know those delicatessens that name sandwiches after famous people? What would be the ingredients of the sandwich named after you?

         Well for reasons that I would have a hard time explaining, it would have to have turkey (because I’m the only white, female jive turkey I know), mayonnaise and pickles (mayonnaise goes better with poultry and I just like pickles).

2.     What’s your favorite part of staying in a hotel?

         Not feeling guilty because I didn’t get the bed made before I left.

3.     What’s the last book you read and how was it?

         State of Fear by Michael Crichton – it was alright. The implausible action sequences are typical of Michael Crichton novels, but I liked that he had characters that each typified one part of the global warming debate. I can see why some environmentalists didn’t like it, though, because the villans were cookie-cutter, Earth Liberation Front type eco-terrorists. If you can just look at it as an escapist science fiction novel, and not something that is necessarily scientifically accurate, you’d probably like it.

4.     What’s something super unhealthy you’ve eaten recently?

         Christmas cookies at our office luncheon.

5.     What do you do with all those Christmas cards with photos of friends and their kids?

        I put them in my Bible with other treasured mementos.

4 thoughts on “Themeless – F.riday5 for December 7, 2012

  1. I saw this idea on pinterest to punch a hole in Christmas cards as they come in, and place them on the coffee table. Also, to take a photo of the photo cards and use as the person’s caller ID photo when they call. I like your idea too! 🙂

    I freaking love staying at hotels. There’s something about the whole fantasy of it.. It’s simple. But, I do feel somewhat embarrassed if I leave a mess, haha. 🙂

  2. I would be a turkey wrap with cole slaw, honey mustard, and some cranberry sauce, ’cause I can be a little tart sometimes…A hotel stay is a relief; I’m finally away from home and don’t have to take care of anyone…Last week, I turned in four library books I could not finish and I thought I would have to give up reading for a while. But to unfunk my brain I am now reading Spencer Quinn’s THE DOG WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. I usually only read at night, but lately I have been too tired for that…Talk about unhealthy – only part of a tremendously sweet apple-pie-candied apple…Our photo cards go in albums, as a way of keeping track of how everyone who lives far away looks…

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