Acceptance Speech

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     This morning when I logged onto my blog, I found a message from Cyranette, who maintains the website Writer’s Block Busters. She let me know that she had nominated me for the Blog of The Year award, and I was completely surprised and humbled to think that someone has found enough inspiration in my corner of the web to do this for me.  Her site has fantastic writing prompts and although I haven’t finished them yet, I do have a couple of pieces in the works which she has inspired. When I started this blog back in 2010, I originally intended for it to be a way to share my writing with my family and the few friends who know of my creativity (meaning, it was only for a few people). I had a blog in the past but the interface wasn’t easy to use and I gave up on it. That was back before Facebook (yes, there was a time when Facebook didn’t exist, boys and girls!) and I didn’t really know how to “market” my blog, so I didn’t have the heart to stick with it. With the advent of WordPress and social media, it’s been easier than I imagined to post my rambling thoughts and I’ve found that I have readers from around the world. Not too shabby for someone from the sticks of western Massachusetts, huh? Even with the ease of creating my blog, I have found that the best way to market myself is to find others like me who are willing to spread the word if they like my writing. I try to leave sincere comments about posts that move me, and wish for the same in return. I hope to continue to be worthy of the opinions people have of my writing, and I hope to continue to branch out. Since creating this blog, I think I have finally mastered what is called “creative non-fiction” (although it took me the longest time to understand what that means) and I’ve written quite a few personal essays, which I hadn’t done since grade school.  I don’t want comments for the sake of comments, or followers to pad my blog stats and make me look good; fortunately, that is not what I have found in my blogging circle. I feel as though I have sincere friends with whom I share the love of writing, and I truly appreciate everyone’s support. Without all of you, there would be no one to share my voice and there would be no point in creating a blog.  I guess I’d better get off the stage before the music starts playing, but I feel like everyone who has supported me in this endeavour deserves part of this award. Thank you, Cyranette for believing in my random thoughts, and thank you everyone for going on this journey with me. Here’s to the next 100 posts!

One thought on “Acceptance Speech

  1. Nice speech, and congrats on the nomination! I’m fairly new to reading your blog, but I have enjoyed it so far. I can relate to your comments about not wanting comments for the sake of comments or followers to better your stats. I’m afraid this way of thinking is rare in the blog world. I’ve seen some comments on other blogs lately that have essentially stated that if they follow a blog, they expect a follow back. I’d like to think follows are sign that one appreciates my work. I would also like to think that politicians are motivated to seek election so they can serve as a voice for the people…

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