Author’s note: My newest entry for Friday Fictioneers.  This is based on a character I created for a play I wrote last year, so it doesn’t relate to the photo that much, but it’s close enough. The title refers to the numbers that victims of the Holocaust were tattooed with in the concentration camps. At some point, I will creat a full character sketch but here’s the 97 word version in the meantime.

ffiction 8

     When Jerry’s daughter married outside the faith, he vowed to never speak to her again. Her rejection of Judaism went further than a mere change of religion; it was a rejection of his past, of the number tattooed on the inside of his wrist. He’d been so blinded by history that he hadn’t thought about regret until now. His health was failing and he’d been diagnosed with leukemia. All he had to do was pick up the phone and call her to apologize for his pigheaded arrogance. Could he make amends before it was too late?

20 thoughts on “182311

    • Thanks for the comment:) All four of my main characters have open ended stories like this so I guess I could write a sequel of sorts….stay tuned, you never know what you might read;)

    • It’s weird because the original edition of this story that this character comes from was supposed to be something silly, but it took a dramatic turn early and stayed there. i’m glad you like it.

    • Thanks TW! I enjoyed writing it. I kept counting my words and for once I had to *add* something to make it a little longer. That will probably never happen again.

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