Cereal – Friday 5 for February 8, 2013 (A Day Late)


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1.     What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were a kid?

Cocoa Krispies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2.     What’s your favorite breakfast cereal now?

I like oats and honey granola and Great Grains with almonds and cranberries.

3.     Where does cereal rank on your list of favorite breakfasts?

It’s right up there with Eggo chocolate chip waffles – I’m not a morning person so I like low maintenance breakfast.

4.     What serial novels or films have you most recently enjoyed?

I just started the Collector series by Chris F. Holm, which is a series of crime noir/supernatural novels. I enjoyed Dead Harvest and am looking forward to the next one.

5.     What recently surreal experience have you gone through?

I guess the only really surreal moment I’ve had lately was waking up from a dream where my husband and I were writing a GI Joe screenplay. I came up with the idea that Zartan set one of the Joes up on a war crimes charge and the other Joes had to prove his innocence…not sure what the inspiration for that was, but it was a cool dream.

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