Forever Valentine


For my sweetheart:

For the way you arrange my pillows when I’m sick, making sure that they won’t give me a stiff neck but will help me sleep through the night;

For the way you always have a good joke ready when I need a laugh;

For the way you complete my sentences or say exactly what I’m thinking;

For the way you understand my eccentricities;

For the way you listen without judging when I rant about what’s bothering me;

For the way you tell me when I’m full of it;

For the way you curl up next to me in bed and fall asleep with your arm around me;

For the way you know when I want to be alone;

For the way you support me;

For the way you lead us in prayer;

For the way you love my family;

For the way you provide for me;

For all these reasons and the millions I can’t even put into words,

You will always be my

Forever Valentine.


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