Yikes! – Friday 5 for April 5, 2013

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1.       How do thunder and lightning make you feel?

 I love thunderstorms as long as they’re not accompanied by a tornado watch/warning. My favorite place to watch storms is at the beach in the middle of the summer, especially when they come in from the ocean.

2.       How do spiders make you feel?

 Spiders freak me the hell out. Think about it – they shoot thread out of their asses so they can appear out of nowhere, usually in your hair or something.  If that’s not enough to make you phobic, a spider less than the size of a pencil eraser can kill a human, over 1000 times its size in less than five minutes with its venom.  Is there a reason to *not* be arachnophobic?

3.       How do recent threats on America by North Korea make you feel?

 Honestly, Kim Jong Un is like a dog peeing on a fencepost trying to establish his territory. We should take him seriously, but I don’t think he has the bite to back up his bark. If he did, he’d have already launched a nuclear weapon by now.

4.       How concerned are you about having your identity stolen?

 Somewhat, I guess. I know there are precautions you can take, like not using the same passwords over and over again, and shredding personal documents and credit card offers before tossing them in the trash. I try my best to protect myself but at the same time, I don’t want to live in fear. If I do, the asshats win.

 5.       How cautious are you about food spoilage in your refrigerator?

 Not as cautious as I should be. I hate to admit it but I’ve started some science experiments in my fridge over the years – you’d think I’d have cured cancer by now.

One thought on “Yikes! – Friday 5 for April 5, 2013

  1. Some of your answers made me laugh. Tornadoes and spiders are scary…so is Kim Jong Un, for that matter. I try to keep up with my fridge, but occasionally, I find something scary in there (usually in the back where everyone is too lazy to go look.)

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