Randon Musings X

– The most toxic people in the world are the ones who think the rules don’t apply to them.

– My personal mantra: Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand across my mouth.

–  Why is it when I have the most to say about something, I shouldn’t say anything at all?

– In the “you win some you lose some” catagory: I tried Lipton’s new pineapple chamomile tea…..it’s not good when you can’t get past the way something smells in order to taste it. I guess I just don’t like tea made of flowers; I seem to recall having the same adverse reaction to jasmine tea. I love pineapple, but strangely enough the tea doesn’t taste anything like pineapple. Not one I’ll buy again. As it is, I left it in my office’s kitchen for some other unsuspecting tea drinker.

– Yesterday I challenged myself to walk three miles in under an hour. I did it in 55 minutes. Today I have no legs and am walking on my knees;)

– Is schadenfreude a bad thing if the person who’s suffering really deserves it?

– I’m seriously considering moving to the moon. My in-laws live near Langley. They could send supplies every so often….

– When every other phrase out of your mouth is “I heard on NPR….” maybe you should stop listening so much.

– As a corollary to the above, at least I know what quantative easing is and can count myself as one of the 26% of Americans who do (though I don’t think a Reuter’s poll of 857 people is representative of 300 million people).

– I can tell I’m burned out, I can’t think of anything else to say for this post…

One thought on “Randon Musings X

  1. I had the same tea reaction to a Lipton instant honey tea. It smelled so bad I couldn’t pour it into my water. I warned a co-worker and she still wanted to try it, so it’s in her hands now 🙂

    “Why is it when I have the most to say about something, I shouldn’t say anything at all?” is such a wise observation.

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