Third Time’s The Charm (?)

nablopomo october

Ok, so I’m obviously a glutton for punishment. My third consecutive attempt at writing a post a day for a month starts today. It probably won’t happen any more than it has for the past 60 days, but this will be the last attempt for this year. Generating any content this time of year is usually jousting at windmills between football, stewardship meetings and music rehearsals eating up most of my time. That being said, I will continue to pursue this rather Sisiphyean feat despite my better judgment. Someone once told me that if you are committed to a goal you should put it in writing, as that will make you more apt to follow through on it. So in the spirit of proving this to be complete BS, here is a list of some post ideads I’ve been meaning to write.

1.     A round of Bonnie Neubauer inspired posts: another set of four “Time Traveller” posts and two others which I have picked out but can’t remember what they are

2.     Two book reviews – The Kitchen Boy and The Song Of Beautiful Girl

3.   Edison pen review

4.     Writing prompt book reviews ( at least two posts, maybe three)

5.     Two character sketches based on a play I wrote last year

So there are at least 14 days of posts. As usual, I’m completely ignoring the theme, so we’ll see how this goes. Third time has to be the charm, right?

6 thoughts on “Third Time’s The Charm (?)

  1. I almost never use the NaBloPoMo prompts unless I’m really stuck for something to write about. It keeps the blog more in line with myself, I find. I’ve been posting daily for almost a year now. I have no idea how I’ve done it. Good luck with the challenge. I’ll check back from time to time!

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