Random Musings XI

– R.I.P. Tom Clancy: Thank you for giving us the kind of heros we can look up to and respect without reservation. You were my husband’s favorite author and your creativity will be missed.

–  Best quote regarding Phantom of the Opera ever, spoken by my husband when I was trying to explain why the age difference between the Phantom and Christine is critical to the story: “But isn’t that kind of… creepy?” Yes my love, it’s just all part of the gloriously twisted splendor of the story.

– Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is moral.

– The only way I can explain the past few weeks is that after one too many trips in the Tardis, the Doctor and I have inadvertently gotten stuck in a temporal distortion where wierd stuff is normal.

– Seriously when is the “everybody else is doing it” defense legitmate? I think I learned 37 year ago that it isn’t.

– I’ve never watched an episode of The Mentalist, but after seeing Simon Baker’s lovely Longines watch ad on the back of my Time magazine, I could start. Go check out this link and tell me that’s not one hot watch on the wrist of an even hotter Australian!

– How could I have not anticipated the smutty outcome of finding a buckeye on the community college campus and putting it on my desk? <facepalm>

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