Behind the Scenes

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Scott Roussell, author of the Football Scoop website, for publishing an article about the importance of football videographers.


For 23 years, my husband has worked in a career that is largely behind the scenes, one that he says you don’t really consider unless something goes wrong. He’s usually the first one in to the office, and always the last to leave, sometimes working fourteen to eighteen hour days, several days in a row. A forty hour week is one in which he has some down time, and there are many days where I kiss him goodbye in the morning and don’t see him again until the next day.

What does Bill do? He’s a collegiate football video coordinator. He’s worked in the field since he was in college and has been a coordinator since 1997. It amazes me how much the field has changed since I met him – back in the day the only way to copy video for the coaches was with a bank of VCR’s and that took hours. The technology has evolved  to iPads, servers that can hold terrabytes of data, online video exchange software, and P2 cameras, all of which make his job easier, but it still requires a lot of time that nobody else ever sees. As I tell my friends who ask about his job, when practice is over, he’s just getting started with work. His dedication and love for the job makes me so proud of him, though I have to admit, the lack of sleep and burning the candle at both ends sometimes worries me.

I’ve always felt like the coaches Bill has worked with don’t really have any idea what he has to do to get video ready for them, though I don’t feel like it’s because they don’t care. I think it’s really just the kind of job that unless you do it, you don’t know what it takes to get things done.  Being the wife of a videographer requires patience, flexability and a certain amount of worrying, but I couldn’t be prouder of Bill and our team. He has told me before that he prefers to remain behind the scenes, doing what he loves, and that’s all it takes to make me happy.



2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. I work in TV News and totally understand – I wouldn’t want to be in front of the camera either, but the newscasters get to go home when they are done – not so the crew…

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