Take Ten For Writers – #78 The Dump (part 2)

Author’s Note: The explanation for this Bonnie Neubauer prompt is at this post. This time, my word is lemon.


Lemon lemon lemon I never drink tea without lemon, unless it’s a lemon based herbal. There’s something about the sharp zing of lemon that wakes up my tastebuds, and it also helps balence out the amount of sugar I put in my tea. Lemon lemon lemon Yes, I am the kind of person who gets lemon meringue pie and scraps off the meringue. I have no excuse for that really, except that I just don’t like meringue. Of course, there are other kinds of lemon pie, they’re just usually not on the menu. Lemon lemon lemon The best remedy for a cold or a bad throat is honey and lemon, preferably with honey from where you live (for maximum allergy fighting benefits). I never have understood why it works, but when I lose my voice, a tablespoon full of honey with a shot of lemon juice taken two or three times helps. Honey in a lemon based tea also works wonders when you’re sick. Lemon lemon lemon One of my favorite fragrences is C. O. Bigelow Lemon perfume. It smells like the lemon chess pies my grandmother used to make. Since it’s made of real lemon essence, it loses its scent after a couple of hours, but that’s ok I just spritz it on several times a day. Lemon Lemon Lemon  I may be the only person on earth who loves the taste of a lemon wedge that has soaked in sweet tea. I eat the pulp first, and then the rind, which sounds wierd, I know, but it tastes good.

2 thoughts on “Take Ten For Writers – #78 The Dump (part 2)

  1. I like lemon, but not as much as you do! When I think of lemon I think of my mother’s lemon meringue pie [I like the meringue] or a shot of limoncello in my iced tea. I’ve never gone as far as to eat a lemon rind, but I give you credit for doing so. You are a hardcore lemon lover.

    [I found you via the June 2014 NaBloPoMo blogroll, btw.]

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