booksAuthor’s Note: I came across the Booking Through Thursday blog meme this morning when looking for something interesting to blog about, so I thought I’d take the plunge. Writing and books are two of my favorite things, so writing about books is just about paradise for me. Hope you enjoy it!

Question – Do you still get as excited about new books as you did when you were little? In general? New books in particular, like from a favorite author? Or do you look at all new unread books with the same level of anticipation?

I love new books and get excited by them in general, regardless of whether or not I’m familiar with the author. I am one of those people who just wanders aimlessly through the bookstore picking up books until I find one that catches my eye. If the blurb on the back sounds interesting, I read the first paragraph, and if that keeps my attention, I’ll buy the book. I have come across some amazing books this way, and some stinkers, but I don’t take the time to finish the (rare) bad books. Life’s too short to waste on them (which is why I never finished Ender’s Game, but that’s a story for a different post). That being said, it’s always fun to wait for a new book by a favorite author. I would snatch up any new Anne McCaffery book out there as soon as it came out when I was a kid and start it as soon as I got home from the mall. I’m not that way as much anymore because I prefer to savor books instead of just barreling through them, but I still look forward to the experience of cracking open a new book by an author I love. It’s like settling down and having a conversation with an old friend, which is one of the things I adore about books.

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