Voices Week – Truth

If Coach Mickelson were ten years younger, I’d give him a 60% chance of living another three years. Given his age and current lung capacity, though, he won’t make it three months without a transplant. I haven’t seen a case go downhill this quickly in my entire career, and I hope I never do again. I’ve spoken with the transplant coordinator, and he’s at the top of the wait list.  The surgical staff is on alert in case a miracle occurs and we can save him, but someone has to die for him to live. A catch-22 if there ever was one.

(101 word count)

9 thoughts on “Voices Week – Truth

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  2. The doctor, a little more scientific, but not cold. It’s clear he cares.

    I’ve done a lot of writing about organ transplantation through my day job, so this situation is pretty familiar to me. I think you’ve illustrated it really well. Everyone’s hoping so hard for something that’s going to be someone else’s tragedy. But in the end, it’s such a blessing to both sides.

    • Wow thank you for the complement! I can’t imagine someone having to die so that I could live. Coach Gorham just happened to need the transplant back in 2012 after one of those massive midwestern tornados…can you imagine? It still boggles my mind the miracles that happened in regard to the true story behind this

  3. more analytical and cold, very factual…but there are twinges of emotion in there. Proves he’s got a heart 🙂 Probably has a good bedside manner.

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