R.I.P Tom Magliozzi (1937-2014)

I don’t remember exactly when I started listening to Car Talk on my local NPR station – it was probably in the early 2000’s when I started listening to NPR regularly. I wasn’t looking for car advice when I did so, though I did learn quite a bit about my vehicle over the years. Instead, the show caught my attention when I heard Tom and his younger brother, Ray, laughing over whatever bad joke it was that had struck their fancy. I was curious about these crazy guys and started tuning in as often as I could, and over the years, listening to Car Talk became part of my weekly routine. I even got my husband to listen with me and we adored the show. The best part was always the staff credits; I posted a list of my favorites back in September, 2013 and I still smile when I read it. My favorite memory of Car Talk was when Bill and I were driving to Ocean City, Maryland in 2011. The show had us laughing and by the time they got to the staff credits, we just lost it. We laughed until we nearly ran off the road and we still laugh today when we think about that trip. When Tom and Ray officially retired in 2012, we, like many other fans, were saddened by the news, but we immediately dove into the archival episodes NPR decided to air. With over 25 years of broadcasts to revisit, we’ll be able to get our fix of the wacky car guys from Cambridge (“our fair city”), MA for many years to come. Rest in peace Tom, you will be missed.

8 thoughts on “R.I.P Tom Magliozzi (1937-2014)

  1. I hear you on this one. I usually do not get overly sentimental when a celebrity I have never met dies. But Tom’s passing feels different. Maybe, because as you say, the Car Talk guys have been part of our lives for so long, they are family. And today, of all days, I think of their statistician – Marge Inovera. I am sure she is now working for a political pollster. 🙂

    • Thanks! I totally agree that the Car Talk guys are like family – guess I’ve been listening for at least 12-13 years now, and I think the world will be a little less funny without Ray Magliozzi in it. I’m pretty sure Marge Inovera is a pollster – she probably works for Paul Murkey of Murkey Research.

  2. This post brought back memories I haven’t thought of in years! I remember that radio show- my parents often had that station on in the car as we drove from New Mexico to Denver to see my grandma for Christmas. I never listened to it as an adult, though.

    • I’m glad I was able to renew some holiday memories for you:) I think Click and Clack are an acquired taste – you either love or hate their style. As much as I love laughing at bad jokes, I’ve been a faithful listener for years.

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