300 Writing Prompts #1

Author’s Note: I found an interesting little prompted journal at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago simply called 300 Writing Prompts. It’s published by Picadilly and has no attributable author, but the questions have been though provoking and I thought I’d share some with you.

Do you have any dreams that recur? Why do you think you continue to have that dream?

Sometimes, when I have hit a particular rough patch in my life, I have the recurring dream that someone punches me in the face and knocks my teeth out – gross, weird and scary. I usually wake up from those dreams making sure that I have my teeth or that they’re not loose. I’ve read that this kind of dream is a sign of insecurity and it tends to occur at times in my life where I’m questioning myself or decisions I’ve made. Fortunately, I haven’t had it in a while, but when I do it’s really unnerving.

Do you prefer to read electronic books or paper books? Why?

I used to be completely anti-electronic books, but this year I have surprisingly read several books on our Kindle. I like that I can carry more than one big book with me at a time and that when I finish one, I can immediately pick another one off the Amazon website. Despite the instant gratification, though, I still greatly prefer paper books.


2 thoughts on “300 Writing Prompts #1

  1. Oh no! Not knocked out teeth! I can’t even handle wiggly kids’ teeth.
    (Mine is always chasing or being soooo late for something and not being able to get there.)

    • Have you ever had the dream where you’re in high school and have to turn in your paper to pass a class and can’t get your locker open?” That’s another recurring dream of mine. Thanks for stopping by!

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