Friday Fictioneers – Last Laugh

Author’s Note: This piece of flash fiction is inspired by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and the Friday Fictioneers website. Each week she posts a photograph and the challenge is to write a 100 word fiction piece. This week, mine got a little wierd, but that’s the mood I’ve been in the past couple of days so it fits. Hope you enjoy it.

FF 11-7-14

Everyone thought Crazy Gene lived up to his name when he started converting his 1958 Edsel into a makeshift snowplow. “Gene, you live in a retirement community in Florida, when will you ever need a snowplow?” they asked, unsure if they should call his daughter and report that he’d finally lost his mind. Gene knew they didn’t get it, but he’d been listening to NPR. He knew things they didn’t about global warming and the devastating effect it would have on everyone’s lives. The storms were coming, and when they did, Gene would have the last laugh.

(97 words)

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