Friday Five – November 7, 2014 Non- Sequitur

If you’d like to play along with this meme, please visit the Friday Five website.

Q1. What’s your sneeze like?

I usually sneeze with one massive sinus-clearing explosion, so it’s rather obnoxious and messy. I have spasmed my neck sneezing, if that gives you any indication of their power.

Q2.  How have you been sleeping lately?

Rather well considering I’m taking nightly muscle relaxers to treat my neck spasms. They give me weird dreams, though, the kind that makes me wake up and wonder about my subconscious.

Q3.  What was your last stroll like?

Bill and I went to Wolfie’s for dinner in South Deerfield on Tuesday night, and took a walk afterward. It was a clear moonlit night and wasn’t quite as cold as I thought it would be for November. We were pretty much the only ones out walking which made it romantic.

Q4.  What was the last thing you watched on YouTube?

Stephen Brown and Azizah Asgarali’s Serious Nibbage video.

Q5.  When did you last get something in right at the deadline?

When I finished the minuteman cross stitch I blogged about here.



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