A To Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal

Yeah I kind of missed the reveal date by a week....

Yeah I kind of missed the reveal date by a week….


I’m always up for a challenge, especially when it helps me generate unique blog content and push the boundaries of my writing. THe purpose of this annual creative frenzy is to create twenty-six alphabetically inspired posts centered on a theme of the blogger’s choosing. Given my husband’s profession and my insane devotion to it,  my theme will be (surprise, surprise):  FOOTBALL.

(Insert cricket sounds) At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to tackle (pun slightly intended) a subject my readers may find boring but therein lies the challenge – presenting the rules and terminology in an educational and fun way. Part of this was inspired by one of my football-challenged friends, who asked me to explain the game the Friday before the Superbowl. IN FIVE MINUTES!

Uh, sorry, that ain’t happening. It would take an hour at the least; twenty-six days is better. His request got me thinking that it would be fun to add my own twist to a complex game and hopefully this will make the prospect of watching a football game a little less boring for some of you. I’ll start with a basic overview and then devote the A to Z part to terms you’ll regularly hear during a game as well as schemes, regulations and player personnel descriptions.

Hey where are you going?!?! Come back!!

Football isn’t boring, I swear!!





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