Friday 5 for April 1, 2016 – Into The Lens

What was your first camera like?

My first camera was the Vivitar PS 120 35mm point and shoot that I carried with me in college.

What kinds of accessories have you purchased for a camera?

A Sigma 150-500 telephoto lens and a collapseable lens hood

When did you last shoot photos on film, and how many rolls of unshot film do you have in your house?

A friend of mine gave me a 40 year old camera he found in his attic a couple of years ago – I tried to use it, but the couple of rolls of film I had reminded me of all the reasons why I sucked at shooting film, so I keep it now as a collector’s item instead of a functional camera.

Digital photography has all kinds of advantages over film photography, but what’s better about shooting on film and having to get it developed and printed?

The only advantage is that you can’t manipulate film photos like you can with digital processing programs like Photoshop.

How do you manage your digital photos?

I try to upload them within a day or two and first I go through and just outright delete the ones I don’t like or that aren’t good. Then I do my editing through Photoshop and either print the really good ones myself or print them through Shutterfly or Snapfish.


4 thoughts on “Friday 5 for April 1, 2016 – Into The Lens

    • True, I guess I never thought about scanning them — my photography world and (in)experience is sharply divided between my film days and my digital days. Honestly I was just spitballing since that was a difficult question.

  1. I always scan my 35mm’s and can really get amazing results, not because i’m so good but because photo shop is. I love the 35mm for flexibility.

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