N Is For Noise


Mysterious, March 2016

Noise is the grainy fuzziness which occurs in shadowy areas of photographs that are shot in low light. It’s caused by using an excessively high ISO setting, which is why it’s far preferable to learn how to manipulate shutter speeds and f-stops in order to properly expose photographs. I have ruined otherwise good shots by making the ISO setting my primary focus when I should have focused on lowering the f-stops and decreasing the shutter speed first. I tend not to use anything above 2500  much these days, unless I am shooting in near dark conditions (which I rarely do anyway).

3 thoughts on “N Is For Noise

  1. I have definitely made the mistake of shooting with a high ISO and creating noise in photographs. It’s a pain to get rid of! Unfortunately, for me, I find I can’t shoot above 1000 ISO. 😦 That makes dark scenes all the more abundant.

    • Isn’t it awful? I’ve just tried to learn the “right” way of doing it instead of jacking up the ISO — too many ruined photographs have helped me learn my lesson:)

  2. However, you have captured the door and the background in this picture excellently. The rust, the fine lines that detail the door and then the glass are clearly defined. Great job.

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