Thor The Avenger

Last week, during the 5 a.m. fire alarm, I saw something that made me do a double take. My new neighbor had his cat on a leash, and last night I found out why, because the feline in question tried his best to adopt me as his new human. His name is Thor and he’s a beautiful Siamese with a habit of hanging around our feeder in the evenings the past few days. I was on my way out to feed the birds and thought I’d go scare him off before I put out seed so he wouldn’t scare the birds away. Big mistake. Instead of running away, he ran up to me as if I was his long lost friend and proceeded to pace between my legs,  which is when I remembered seeing him on the leash.  He was just so sweet and talkative I couldn’t help myself and I petted him. That was my second mistake. I checked his name tag and my third mistake in less than five minutes was calling him by name. That pretty much sealed my status as his new human and for 20 minutes he was my cat. I assumed it was okay to let him in because he lives on the third floor, but Thor was single minded of purpose and wasn’t about to let me out of his sight. He almost got into my apartment, though some quick maneuvering prevented that, and he was fascinated by my bag of birdseed (I think he thought it was cat food, and it was 6:30 so maybe it was his dinnertime). He went back out with me and stayed right by my side while I went to fill the feeder, and then I picked him up (he doesn’t much like that) and went knocking on doors to see where his owner was. When I got no response, I left him sitting in the hallway and high-tailed it indoors. Around 7:00 I left to go outside and Thor was gone, and I didn’t see him outside, so I assume he found his way home. My allergies are in overdrive today, but he was just so sweet and willing to love me because I paid attention to him that I couldn’t resist. I think us humans could take quite a few lessons from the animals in our life – wouldn’t the world be a better place if we did?


2 thoughts on “Thor The Avenger

  1. That is good to hear! It has been rainy here most of the summer so I havent had too many allergies either
    Until I befriended the cat that is but he is such a sweetie I couldn’t help it.

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