Feeder Watch – Weekend of August 5, 2017

I hadn’t seen any new birds at the feeder since the cowbirds showed up a couple of months ago until this past weekend, when Mother Nature gave me two beautiful gifts. On Saturday, I was piddling around the house and happened to look out the window when a small black and white speckled bird appeared. It was a little bit bigger than the house sparrows which were everywhere and the way it was pecking at the seed convinced me it was a woodpecker, but I had no idea what kind it was. I grabbed my phone and Googled “black and white woodpecker” and discovered that my new visitor was a female Downy Woodpecker.  She was very timid and didn’t stay long enough for me to get a picture of her, but just learning about her made my day and is part of what makes birdwatching such an amazing hobby. As if that wasn’t enough of a birthday present from Mother Nature, I was taking a break from cleaning up the kitchen yesterday when I happened to glance out the window and proceeded to freak out at what I saw.  There was a male goldfinch on my feeder and that hasn’t happened in the entire year I’ve been feeding the birds! Last summer, a goldfinch landed on the feeder pole but never stopped for a meal and didn’t come back; I’ve seen them in the trees but never up close like I did yesterday and it was amazing. The little guy hung around for a bit and while he was having lunch, I managed to get these photographs (pardon the dirty ground level window screen):


Goldfinches are such beautiful birds, a drop of living sunshine stopping by for a visit, and I am so happy that I didn’t miss him.

In other news, Thor, my sweet little buddy, has been leaving my feeder alone. Guess the talking to I gave him the other night made an impact 😉 He’s been out and about and has come up to me a few times when I’ve seen him in the parking lot or out in the back lawn. He’s always so happy to see me and comes running like we’re long lost best friends – Thor always makes me smile. He’s quite a hunter though, and I haven’t seen him with any unsuspecting victims, though his stalking stance is quite impressive. His owner told me that when they lived on a farm he went after the free-range chickens and actually killed one, so he could be a danger to my avian friends. So far so good, though. I mean, how could you not love this sweet face, even when you’re as terribly allergic to cats as I am? As long as he leaves my birds alone, we will be BFFs.




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