Friday 5 – September 8, 2017 Consumption

1.     What is your paper towel consumption like?

2.      What condiment do you use most often?

3.     What is your sticky note consumption like

4.     What’s your coin jar setup?

5.     What’s something you’ve purchased recently that was lower in price than usual?

A1.     I don’t have a clue why, but it’s off the charts. I can go through a regular roll in a couple of days, so I usually buy what I call the “corpse pack”, meaning there are at least six double rolls and I have all the grace of someone trying to hide a dead body when I try to get them inside the house.

A2.     Mustard, hands down. Ketchup is only for french fries.

A3.     Very low. I don’t really have any need for them at work now that I’ve had my job almost eight years.

A4.     Several years ago, I bought a battery powered coin jar at T.J.Maxx — it not only counts your change as you put it in, but you can deduct what you take out so that you always have an accurate balance.

A5.     I haven’t really bought anything on sale lately. Probably something at the grocery store when I used my rewards card, but I can’t say anything specifically.

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