Unconscious Mutterings – Week 763 (The Snarky Answer Edition)

Author’s Note: Thank you to the lovely Lunanina who puts together these lists every week. If you want to play along, please visit her site.

Blinded: Ideology

Spectacular: Critic

Heat: Summer

Tony: Snooty

Courtesy: Lacking

Handling: Shipping

Shut up: Please!

Awards: Phony

Listen: Hear

Privilege: Subjective

1.  I’m glad God gave me the sense to not be a pathetic sheep following the herd.

2.  I don’t usually read books the critics claim are spectacular because in my experience, they’re generally not.

3.  My favorite season is summer because I’m so cold natured I need my warmth and extra sunlight.

4.  The one thing I hate about Starbucks is the derision people treat me with when they see me with one of their drinks – I’m not a hipster snob about coffee. If you must know, my drink of choice is their hot chocolate. Now THAT I’m snooty about. I will NEVER drink it if it’s made of water. EVER.

5.  Sad to admit, but common courtesy is anything but these days.

6.  I can only imagine how many ways drone delivery could go terribly awry.

7.  Will everyone please just shut the hell up and take a deep breath? Things aren’t nearly as bad as you think they are!

8.  So glad I didn’t watch the Emmys last night. Nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats who are paid too much to do what we all did playing pretend and dress up as children.

9.  Two totally different things, my friends. One is a skill, the other isn’t.

10.  If we all got off our high horses for a hot second and took personal responsibility for our actions, we’d all be better off, don’t you think?

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