If You Could Win a Lifetime Supply of Anything You Choose, What Would It Be?

The most obvious answer would either be stationery/fountain pen supplies or cross stitch supplies, but I already have enough of both to last several lifetimes. I’m only half joking when I say I need to live to be 421 1/2 to use all my notebooks and stitch all my stashed cross stitch patterns. Instead, I would love to win a lifetime supply of Young Living essential oils. The older I get, the more I am turning to alternative therapies when I’m not feeling well; this doesn’t mean that I never go to the doctor or I never take medicine when I need it, just that I try other things first. I use massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, exercise and aromatherapy to help my husband and myself live as healthy and stress-free a life as possible, and part of this includes diffusing essential oils. My sister introduced me to them, as my niece has cystic fibrosis, which takes artificial, chemical based cleaning products off the table for them. I’m not quite as into it as she is, but I have eleven essential oils I diffuse, and I have noticed a difference in my sinus health since I started. I’ve also noticed that my apartment is free from the musty basement smell it can have, which is so hard to get rid of by more conventional means. I have really embraced diffusing oils to help me relax or to uplift my mood after a long day.  My favorite fragrances in general are citrus ones, so needless to say, I have bergamot, lemon and grapefruit in my current lineup, and I love lavender, which I diffuse at night.  Young Living is a faith-based company based in Utah, which is a plus for me, and their products are responsibly and ethically harvested from many areas in the world. The only thing that keeps me from stocking up with my favorites is that depending on the rarity of the herbs/flowers/plants used to produce the oil, it can be rather expensive. A 15 ml bottle of patchouli (one of my favorite winter scents) costs close to $50, hence the reason I’d love to win a lifetime supply.

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