What Do You Love Doing That You Wish You Could Get Paid For?

The hobby I would most love to be paid for is football photography. I have enjoyed photography in general since I was a teenager, but I didn’t really become serious about it until my mother gave me my first digital camera in 2003, a Canon point and shoot. It was compact enough to carry everywhere and the best part was that I no longer had to struggle with winding a fiddly piece of film around the spool of my old Vivitar. Even then, I spent quite a bit of time at practice and eventually I decided to meld my two loves and start shooting football practices.  It became quickly obvious that I needed to learn how to shoot high speed motion photography, so I bought a few books and tried to figure out how f-stops work and the components of the exposure triangle. I also became acutely aware of how limited your ability to shoot action shots is with a point and shoot, so I bought my first DSLR camera from a friend who was a professional photographer who was upgrading her equipment. In the spring of 2015, I upgraded to a Canon 7D Mark II and a Sigma 150-500 super telephoto lens. It took me a while to figure out how f-stops work but once that information took hold in my brain and I figured out how to manipulate the exposure triangle, football photography became a much more enjoyable hobby. I’ve shared my work with the coaches and player parents, and if I could, I would love to do this as my full-time job. My pipe dream would be to start a videography/photography business with my husband where we would travel around New England to high schools and help kids create recruiting highlight videos and prepare photography packages for their parents. I don’t have a clue about starting or running a business, but if I did, I would love to pursue this hobby as a second career.

5 thoughts on “What Do You Love Doing That You Wish You Could Get Paid For?

  1. Much fun your post. I’m a photo-addict, too (inherited from my dad, who even developed his own pictures), but I don’t specialize in any particular thing. I’ve never thought about being paid for doing it, so I guess it’s a hobby for me. I do on occasion get paid royalties for books I’ve published, however, though certainly not enough to make a living off of.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m nowhere near good enough to be a professional and have no formal training, but I do love the challenge of getting the perfect football photo.

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