52 Weeks Of Gratitude – Something Someone Gave You

Recently, I snapped a heel off of a favorite pair of boots my husband gave me as a birthday present a few years back. Fortunately, we have a shoe repair shop in Northampton that has taken care of us over the years, but since the holiday season is upon us, it was going to take two weeks to get them fixed. My sweet husband came home a couple of days after he dropped them off and handed me a box — inside were a pair of black knee-high boots with a slight heel. He told me he felt bad that I’d have to go without my favorite shoes for a while and wanted me to have something to wear and enjoy in the meantime. Just like that, right out of the blue, he bought me a pair of shoes, and it’s not the first time he’s done that. He enjoys giving me clothes and shoes, and I enjoy receiving them from him. When I was a child, my father wouldn’t have ever tried to buy clothes for my mother. He used to ask my grandmother to do his Christmas or birthday shopping for him, and it wasn’t until I got married and Bill asked me about the clothes I enjoy and the sizes I wear, that I ever considered that men would take the time to do something like this for the women in their lives. In today’s day and age, I assume women would find something wrong with it, but I have to admit I love it. Bill knows the kind of things I enjoy wearing and he knows when I need a dress for an event or a new pair of shoes. Plus, it gives me the chance to wear something that he thinks I look good in, and I always tell him he’s the only one I dress up for — I’ll admit, I like to give him something to think about. As long as we’ve been married, you’ve got to keep the spark going, and if it means I wear something I know he thinks I look good in, I’m happy to do it. Plus it’s an ego boost to think at my age, my husband still finds me attractive and doesn’t want another woman. Nothing weird about it at all.  To the women who might think it’s strange or creepy, I’d tell them there’s nothing wrong at all with my husband buying the things he knows makes me feel good about myself. I’ve often said that my legs are the only part of my body I like, and I like wearing boots to show them off. He knows that and has given me many awesome pairs over the years. I’m so thankful to have a husband who appreciates me physically as well as emotionally and who likes to do nice things like buy me a pair of shoes or a new dress every once in a while.

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