F.riday 5 – December 15, 2017: Finding A Way

Author’s Note: As always, you can play along here.

Q1. What’s something you’ve been unable to find?

Well since I haven’t lost any sewing scissors in the sofa lately, I’m going to get all metaphysical and say someone rational on the Internet.

Q2.  How’s your sense of direction?

Pretty decent, although GPS has kind of dulled it down a bit over the years. That being said, I drove into the heart of downtown Boston for the Fenway football game and managed to only get a little bit lost looking for my parking lot.  GPS is only minimally effective in Boston so I had to rely on my wits and instincts to find my way.

Q3.  How good are you at sitting still?

Extremely good. I am an introvert by nature and there’s nothing I like better than to curl up with a good book, a writing project or a cross stitch piece at the end of a long day.  I can spend hours immersed in these types of things, which is a good thing because my husband works long weird hours during football season and without children, it’s good to have things to do to pass the time.

Q4.  What’s something your parents always said you needed to get better at?

My mother used to tell me I needed to pay more attention to detail and she was– and still is–right. Attention to detail isn’t my strong suit because I’m a creative “big picture” type of thinker. Because of this, I tend to be the kind of person who thrives a bit more on chaos than linear thinking. I don’t have ADD or anything like that because I can work something for hours without distraction. I just prefer to do what I want when inspiration strikes. If I try to hold myself to specific deadlines or schedules I lose motivation to get things done.

Q5.  In what way are you a better person today than you were ten years ago?

I think I’m a better wife. Ten years ago, my husband and I were  trying to start a family and hadn’t yet gone through the trauma of failed IVF and the original realization it was impossible for us to be parents. It brought us closer together and I think that seeing just how sweet and gentle my husband is  (not that I didn’t know that before) made me want to be a better wife for him.

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