Unconscious Mutterings No. 1 (New Year New Numbering System!)

If you want to play along you can find the word lists here.

prompt: writing

thanks: scarce

play: Macbeth

long lasting: gum

enter: leave

contract: flu

substantial: petty

alert: ESPN

swipe: thankful

resist: difficult

1.  The two most helpful and creative writing prompt books I’ve ever used are Bonnie Neubauer’s The Write Brain Workbook and Take Ten For Writer’s.

2. Why is it so hard to thank someone, especially when they’ve busted their ass to help you? Most people don’t want to have their asses kissed, but it’s nice to have your existence and contributions acknowledged once in a while.

3. I wonder if anyone has ever said “Macbeth” on a stage and nothing happened? I’m not superstitious about most things so I’d be willing to risk it to see what happened.

4. Orbit Spearmint is the best gum to get rid of what I call “skunky coffee breath.”

5. My mother-in-law gave Bill a desk plaque one time that say “Everyone brings joy to this office. Some when they enter, some when they leave.”  Too bad neither of us actually has the guts to take it to work.

6. The best way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands frequently, especially if you’ve been around someone who’s sick. It’s really that simple.

7. If you take a deep breath and step back for a minute, you’ll realize that most of life’s mountains are molehills.

8. It’s very cool to be able to watch UMass football on the ESPN app, but the downside is that I have to keep my phone off while watching games on t.v. in order to avoid score spoilers.

9. I’m so thankful I didn’t have to swipe right or left to meet my husband.

10. Why does society insist on resisting free thinking? Because it’s too difficult. It’s far easier to switch your brain off and let others tell you what to think. It absolves you of any responsibility for your own actions. Thinking for yourself requires making difficult decisions and taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

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