F.riday5 – Retroactive to February 2, 2018: Groundhog Day

Author’s Note: The owner of the Friday 5 site was hacked and was infested with malware, so he’s been offline for a while as he rebuilds the site. I’m going to go back in time a couple of weeks to answer some questions and as of next Friday, I’ll be current with my weekly posts.

1. What is your favorite Bill Murray character?

Venkman in Ghostbusters, because he has my husband’s sense of humor.

2. What’s been a highlight of your winter so far?

Just having downtime with my husband – he works such crazy hours 2/3 of the year it’s nice to have some quiet time with him on the weekends.

3. What’s there to look forward to in the next six weeks?

The start of spring football, the arrival of Daylight Saving Time, Easter preparations at church.

4. Too early for flapjacks?

Yes. The sugaring season doesn’t start until mid-February and the days haven’t been warm enough yet for the sap to run. Since you can’t really have pancakes without real maple syrup, it’s too early for them.

5. If someone at a bar asks to buy you a drink (and let’s just say for the sake of the question you are amenable), what do you order?

Probably a craft beer or a strawberry margarita with a sugared rim. I don’t generally drink because I can’t metabolize alcohol worth a hoot for some reason, so I wouldn’t drink much of it.


Friday 5 – January 26, 2018: Returns

1.What was the last item you returned or exchanged at a store?

I ordered a nightgown by Eileen West from the Vermont Country Store and when I ordered the size I thought I needed, I had to return it because it was too long.

2. When did you last leave the house and then turn around and go back inside?

A couple of days ago when I left my cell phone on the charger.

3. What’s the latest you’ve ever returned a library book?

I haven’t been to the library since about 2009, so I’ll just guess and say two or three months.

4. What location among places you’ve traveled would you most like to see again?

I’d love to go back to Provo, Utah. The people are wonderful and the scenery is absolutely amazing. As a landscape photographer, I’d love to just go outside with my camera and click away.

5. What’s an unlikely movie sequel you’d like to see?

I can’t think of any movie I’ve seen that hasn’t already been sequelized (if that’s not a word it is now!). Sequels generally never live up to the hype anyway, so I’d rather see some original content come out of Hollywood.




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